8 Traits for Effective Web Design- Turn Your Visitors to Customers!

A great website will bring in a great business. It will do miracles and convert the visitors into loyal customers. Does your website design also fall into this category? If not, then you need to think a big time.
What makes a great web design? What are the features or characters that a web developer needs to incorporate in a perfect website? This article will tell you in details about developing an influential website for any kind of business.
1. Users’ requirements: A good website will think only about the needs of the target audience. What are they looking for? Information? Entertainment? Guidance? Advice? Solutions? Or simply communicating with you? There must be everything on your website that the users are looking for. Good content and SEO services will play a major role here.
2. Font and Size of the Content: This is the most basic requirement. Content size and font directly affects the comfort of reading. Verdana, Calibri, Ariel, etc., are the preferred fonts generally. The size also must be well tested before making it live.
3. Clear Call to Action: Today’s audience is always in rush and wants the information quickly. So, ensure that the content on the website is easy to read and access. Also, there should be ‘call to action’ buttons throughout the website. Content should be well organized with clear attractive titles and subheadings. The sentences should be small. Usually, the information should be in bullets or pointed pattern.
4. Colors: Color effects are entertaining and engaging if well-thought while designing a website. Do not use the color combinations which are unpleasant to the eyes. Colors of content, images, buttons, background, etc. must be wisely blended. Colors affect moods and emotions, hence vibrant colors must be used rarely. White space must be properly used for an uncluttered look.
5. Images and Videos: A picture speaks thousand times better. Incorporating right images, infographics and videos will prove to be very much influential for your business. It is a crucial feature of a good web design.
6. Functional website with ease of navigation: Make it easier for the users to access anything. The pages, videos, buttons, must not hang. Everything on the website must load easily within 3-5 seconds of clicking. We all hate a website that takes ages to load. A web developer must take care of these points.
7. Mobile Responsive: As we know everyone accesses the web world on smartphones, make sure your website is mobile friendly for any OS.
8. “F” pattern design and grid-based layout: The eyes read the content in “F” pattern; it is the usual flow of reading. Most important points must fall on the top left of the web page. Also, do not place the content randomly that looks messy. Use grid-based layout for this.

One can create a beautiful website with these points in mind which will be a useful and engaging experience for the audiences.
This article will be much helpful for web design Sydney, Melbourne, Australia, Perth, etc. It will also be beneficial for SEO services Melbourne, Australia, Perth and Sydney. Any website builder company must consider these points and boost their business.