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A mobile movement is going on in the world. 90% of the people just don’t use Smartphone’s to watch videos and make calls but they use for everything like online shopping, comparing prices of the products, coupons, reviews and view information about the business. People also search stores, restaurant and other places through Goggle map on their Smartphone. Still 80% businesses do not have mobile friendly websites. Normal websites takes ample time to upload on mobile websites; images and text are broken and also not user-friendly website.

MarketWebDesigner designs professional, user-friendly mobile websites which helps you to increase your leads and thus increase your ROI (Return on Investment). Smartphone websites designed by us have below advantages

  • Less time to upload on Mobile Website.
  • Improved User experience and satisfaction.
  • Helps to grab attention of the customers and thus increase your revenue.
  • Increase in download speed and hence more browsing and less to wait.
  • Helps to increase search ranking on Google for mobile websites.
  • Click to call functionality so users can call the business they are looking for.
  • Easy to use store locator by using Google map.
  • Mobile advertising is cost effective. Helps to snatch this opportunity.

We do not use templates and do customized design for your small or large business. Our Mobile website service starts just from $249. You are at the

Do you have mobile Optimized website?

See the difference by yourself and decide whether you should go for mobile website or not.

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