Change is always good. Like everything web designing also undergoes some types of changes, every year. With the passing days, some trends become outdated. As a web design company, we need to follow all the recent trends. Here, we will discuss some disappearing and outdated web designs in World. If a web designer uses out-of-date trends, then it will create a bad impression.

Old parallax scrolling

Parallax scrolling has gained some popularity over the past few years, but now the trend is vanishing. Such type of design is not SEO-friendly; only 2 to 3 keywords can be used for the whole site. This type of design also loads very slowly, because all the content of site is present in one file.

Avoid excessive retouching

The trend of showing reality will be appreciated. Excessive retouching on models will not help in selling the products. Hence, show real models to people, so that they can relate with them.

Long video on homepage

Long social media videos will not attract users. The videos lasting for only 5 to 10 seconds will gain popularity. So get rid of long storytelling videos.

Excessive fields in form

Don’t give extensive contact forms to users. Now days, no one has time to complete all the fields.  Don’t ask tons of information; keep the form short and precise.


Gone are the days of flash intros and animation. Users get irritated, if there is music on website. My advice is to keep the website design simple with few features. Don’t use too much icons and design elements. The users get confused with lots of elements due to this they can navigate away from your page also.


Don’t use multiple fonts. Put limitations on use of different fonts in logos and websites.

Circular logo with script font

Till now, the circular script logo has been used so extensively, that people have got tired of it now. It is widely over used type of logo.

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